Many wonder whether they should pursue a career in a job or business and where they can flourish most. But many do not know that their horoscopes and planetary positions have a huge significance on their chosen career and how much success or struggle they can face in a certain area. For example, if you are born with a kundli of a business,  you will struggle to do the job as you are destined to do business. On the other hand, if your planetary positions are favourable for a job, you may not do great in business. 

And if you are interested in business and wondering whether you can do well in business, keep reading. Today we will explore the part of business astrology that explains what combination to see for a successful business. Here you will learn how houses and planetary positions influence your career and why you must consult with the best astrologer in Gurgaon. 

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Important houses for business astrology

Primarily 7th and 10thhouses are considered the focal point in business astrology as these houses greatly influence your career and business-related aspects. Below are the details of how they affect your career path –

  • 7th house–7th house of your birth chart deals with contracts, partnership, commerce etc., which makes this house significant for business and career. In addition, positioning the planet/ planets in your 7th house can bring important insights into your individual potency to success in a business collaboration or partnership. Also, if you want more details about the 7th house and business, talk to an astrologer for in-depth birth chart analysis and guidance.

  • 10th house– 10th house of your birth chart also says a lot about your career and business aspects. This house is linked with professional achievements and careers. Your 10th house also provides essential insights about your potential to start or run a business or succeed in a chosen career path. In addition, if your 10th house is strong and well-positioned, you can succeed enormously in business-related fields. However, you must not forget that a successful business venture depends on more than your astrological house positioning, like, your passion for doing a business, education, market condition, capital and understanding the market etc. 

Other essential houses for a successful business venture

Though the significance of the 7th and 10th houses for business astrology is undeniable, certain houses influence your career and business-related aspects. Here we will discuss them in detail –

  • Ascendant or lagna (1st house) – 

The ascendant or first house in your birth chart represents your self-impression, physical appearance and first impression. A well-positioned 1st house indicates self-confidence, good health, and charisma are essential for business success. On the other hand, if the house positioning is weak or unfavourable, you may struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem, which negatively impacts your career. 

  • 2nd house-

Your second house is associated with wealth, financial resources and possession. And a well-positioned 2nd house shows you can accumulate wealth or manage financial matters. Also, managing finances and collecting wealth is essential for business. Pawan Kaushik is a learned astrologer and is capable of identifying how houses can impact an individual's life. He can propose remedies that will effectively boost your wealth.

  • 5th house –

5th house also influences your career and business capabilities. This house is associated with self-expression, entrepreneurship and creativity. A strong 5th house indicates a person is naturally drawn towards innovation and business and capable of taking calculated risks. All of these are essential for a successful business venture. And you can learn more when you visit an astrologer in Gurugram. 

  • 9th house –

Your 9th house represents higher education, wisdom and philosophy. A benefic ninth house will indicate a broad mindset and ability to think out-of-the-box or innovative ideas. Thinking out of the box and being open-minded is essential to succeed in business. You can consult with the best astrologer in Gurgaon to know more about the 9th house and its best positioning for the business. 

Important planetary positions for business astrology

According to Vedic astrology, like houses, certain planets in our birth chart influences business capabilities and success. If you want to know more, talk to an astrologer for guidance. Here we will discuss different planets and their influence on business or career-

  • Sun or Surya –

According to Vedic astrology sun or Surya is linked with power, authority, leadership and success. And it is the most powerful planet, and if the sun is strong in an individual's birth chart, they are most likely to succeed in business ventures.

  • Moon or Chandra –

Another essential planet in your birth chart that influences your business capabilities is the moon. Chandra or moon reflects your intuition, emotion and creativity. A benefic moon in the birth chart helps individuals use their creative potential for business ventures and take intuitive business decisions. 

  • Mercury or Budha–

Mercury is the ruler of the brain, and it is associated with intellect, adaptability and communication. A well-positioned Mercury indicates the person can communicate with clients and employees, easily overcome challenging business circumstances and do well in business. Talking to the best astrologer in Gurgaon can help you learn more about your mercury position and its influence on business. 

  • Mars or Mangal-

The planet Mars is associated with energy, determination and action. And if Mars is strong in your birth chart, you will likely be ambitious and highly-driven about your business ventures. You can talk to an astrologer to learn more about how Mars affects your business and career. 

  • Venus or Sukra –

Venus is linked with charm, beauty and luxury. And a person with well-positioned or strong Venus likes to create services or products that are atheistically impressive and reflects or improve the living or lifestyle. Consult with the best astrologer to know more about the right business ventures for people with strong Venus in their birth chart or what indicates strong Venus in the birth chart. 

  • Jupiter or Guru –

Expansion, prosperity and wisdom are connected with Jupiter and people with strong Jupiter in their birth chart usually have a broader perspective. They can also identify opportunities for growth or expansion in their business ventures. And to know more about Jupiter's positioning in your birth chart and what it signifies, talk to the best astrologer in your city. 

  • Saturn or Shani –

As per Vedic astrology, Saturn or Shani is linked with hard work, discipline and resoluteness. And people with strong Saturn in their birth chart are likely to be goal-oriented and persistent in achieving their dreams. These are essential qualities to gain long-term business success. 

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Rahu – 

Rahu is associated with unconventional thinking, innovation and risk-taking. And a person with strong Rahu in their birth chart can think out of the box and take calculative risks to gain success in their business ventures. 

However, you must remember that the position and strength and their dynamics with other planets in your birth chart greatly impact your business ventures and their success. And if you want to know about personalized planetary positions in your birth chart for business success, visit the best astrologer in Gurgaon. 

Crucial yogas for business success

There are certain yogas or combinations that are favourable for business success. Here we will list some –

  • Raja yoga-

When the lord of the 5th and 4th house is in a favourable position, it forms Raja yoga in your birth chart. The 4th house represents stability and comfort, while the 5th house is related to self-expression and innovation. And Raja yoga indicates that people can create stable, innovative business ventures. 

  • Vipareeta Raja yoga –

Vipareeta Raja yoga forms when the 6th, 8th and 12th house is in a favourable position in the birth chart. All of these houses are associated with difficulties. But as the lord of these houses is in a favourable condition in Vipareeta Raja yoga,it indicates that the person can overcome business difficulties.

  • Dhan yoga –

When the 2nd and 11th houses are in a favourable position, they form Dhan yoga. The second house is associated with possession and wealth, while the 11th house is associated with gain or income. So, when these two houses are strong in your birth chart, you are naturally drawn to business and financial gains. 

  • Gajakesari yoga-

It is another crucial yoga for success in business ventures. Gajakesari yoga forms when the Moon and Jupiter are benefic in your birth chart. The moon represents emotion, intuition and creativity, and Jupiter is for wisdom and expansion. And when these two planets are strong in your birth chart, you have leadership qualities and make intuitive decisions in business. 

  • Budha-Aditya yoga –

Budha-Aditya yoga forms when Mercury and Sun are in a favourable position in your birth chart. Sun represents power, leadership and authority, while mercury represents communication and intellectuality. And if both are in a favourable position in your chart, you will likely have strong communication and the ability to influence people, which is essential for business. Also, to know more about favourable yogas for business, you must consult an astrologer in Gurugram. 


According to Vedic astrology, the planetary positions and houses in the natal chart have an undeniable influence on your career and business aspects. If you talk to the astrologer, you will understand how different planets and yogas indicate your suitable career path. However, you must remember every human being has a different birth chart and planetary positioning. So, you must consult with the best astrologer in Gurgaon to get guidance according to your birth chart for business success. 

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